Local Business Spotlight Interview with Fox 12 Oregon

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May 12th, 2020

Fox 12 Oregon selected All American Building Services for a Local Business Spotlight Interview this week. In the interview, Charles Grace, our Operations Manager, talked about how we at AABS have adapted our commercial cleaning services to meet the unique challenges produced by Covid-19.

Find out how we can help protect your business against Covid-19.

From emergency response teams to more frequent cleanings, we are working hard to help businesses keep their facilities clean and their workers safe in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic

The Highest Quality Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services in Oregon and Southwest Washington

With our headquarters located in Tualatin, Oregon, we have a deep knowledge of the industries throughout Oregon, southwest Washington, and surrounding areas. This knowledge allows us to provide janitorial and commercial cleaning services tailored to different facilities in each unique industry.

Being a local business grants us several advantages, such as our existing relationships with local vendors and the ability to respond quickly to any situation, allowing us to deliver the best possible service to your facility.

If you are looking for the peace of mind that comes from professional janitorial and commercial cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help

Discover how All American Building Services can keep your building safe and clean today.

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