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How Focusing On Cleanliness Improves Your Business

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December 16th, 2021

For companies in Oregon and Washington, a clean facility is essential for running a healthy and productive business. From visitor satisfaction to reduced sick days, the overall cleanliness of your establishment plays an important role in the success of your business.

In this article, we look at how keeping your facility clean improves your business's productivity and profitability.

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Improves Productivity

A cleaner environment results in fewer sick days

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is a must, even more so in our current environment with covid and flu season. At AABS, our cleaning experts are trained to use specialized technologies to remove dust particles and allergens from the air. Our CDC-approved cleaners destroy and eliminate germs as well as viruses within your facility, preventing the spread of disease.

Our commercial cleaners keep your employees safer and healthier, reducing the number of sick days and boosting productivity.

Tidy spaces reduce opportunities for workplace accidents

In high-traffic areas, misplaced equipment or debris becomes a trip hazard, and, in areas which often have heavy equipment, these trip hazards can result in accidents with very bad consequences.

Keeping these areas free from debris not only prevents workplace accidents, but also allows employees to work more freely and efficiently. AABS provides a safer work area by cleaning and removing debris, and we can implement safety striping to improve the safety of your industrial facility.

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of equipment

For most businesses, buying the specialized equipment needed is a costly investment. Repeated cleaning will help protect your investment and extend the life of your expensive equipment.

Reducing dust helps prolong the life of office equipment like computers, while manufacturing and industrial equipment and machinery will often need more intensive cleaning such as degreasing and power washing.

Regardless of the kind of equipment you own, AABS provides regular cleaning which will allow your equipment to run more efficiently and last longer.

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Improves Employee Morale

A clean space improves happiness and productivity

People spend a large portion of their life at work; therefore, the environment in which they work plays a huge role in their overall happiness. Employees feel happier and more secure in a workplace that values their health and safety.

A workplace that provides better air quality, helps protect against germs, and reduces opportunities for accidents results in happier employees. And, as research shows, happier employees are more productive.

Organized areas reduces stress

In facilities that value cleanliness, employees spend less time searching through disorganized mess or cluttered common areas and don't need to stress over having to use dirty restrooms.

Since clutter reduces the ability to concentrate, organized workspaces boost productivity and reduce stress.

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Improves Customer and Client Satisfaction

Cleanliness is a major factor for client retention

From hospitals to restaurants, cleanliness is a huge factor in getting and keeping customers and clients. Don't risk reduced revenue by neglecting the cleanliness of your business. Professional cleaning companies like AABS keep your facility looking pristine inside and out.

A clean facility communicates professionalism

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. A clean facility shows you take pride in your business, signals to clients you value their time, and instills confidence from the very beginning.

Our commercial cleaning professionals will help set you apart from your competition by providing the highest-quality cleaning available.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How AABS Can Help

At AABS, our commercial cleaning experts are trained to deliver the best cleaning possible to facilities just like yours in and around the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas.

  • We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to fight germs and contaminates, producing a healthier workplace.

  • We keep your facility in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies and reduce opportunities for workplace accidents.

  • We offer services that fit around your schedule resulting in less production down time.

We understand our clients demand the finest commercial cleaning and janitorial services, so we guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our work. If you are looking to impress and retain your clients, outshine your competition, and boost workplace productivity and safety, AABS is here to help. Contact us for your free quote.

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